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  1. R-U CH. Hifive's Rock Solid x Hifive's Sin Again

    Rock and Jill pup. Female #1
  2. R-U CH. Hifive's Rock Solid x Hifive's Sin Again

    Rock and Jill pup. Female #2
  3. The girls

    Pointer girls
  4. The girls

    Pointer girls
  5. pointer pup

    Ch. Dateline Black List x Hifive's Sin Again puppy
  6. 11 Pointer

  7. Puppy Crash

    Puppy Crash
  8. Pointer Demonstrating Two Hobbies

    I was playing a little frisbee with my pointer in the back yard when a pigeon landed in the yard next door. My pointer immediately locked up and held point long enough for me to run to the house to get the camera.
  9. Gauge on point.

    Gauge on point 3 months old.
  10. Woodie Limit

    Hit a flight of woodcock in S. Michigan, limited out in 1 hour
  11. Otter Pedigree

    The pedigree of my GWP.
  12. Wood Ducking hunting

    Hunting ducks with my german wirehaired pointer, Otter.
  13. Rusty taking a nap

    Rusty snoozing on his first day home.
  14. Beautiful Dog

    Lewis a liver GSP, a white speckled patch on his chest is the only variation. He has been a joy and we look forward to many years filed with happiness. He is 5 months old.
  15. New to the field

    Took Lewis out for a good run today. What a gorgeous day. He is learning his way around pretty good.
  16. 2003 Ten point

    This is my second ten point buck, taken on 11/21/03 with a Remington 870 12 gauge pump.
  17. German Shorthair Pup

    The day we brought Lewis home.
  18. MO Buck

    Took this from 300 yards away. 30 minutes later he was 30 yards away!
  19. 3 GSPs

    My 3 GSPs. Remington, Winchester, Tustin, June 2002.
1-20 of 22 Results