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  1. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Heading up the 13th of Sept. Heard the mouth is impassable. Planning on the run from Frankfort. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  2. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    First time to launch at the Platte River for me. I want to launch and run out to the lake to jig and troll. I'm thinking of just using my 16ft boat with a 50hp engine for the first attempt of getting over the sand bar at the end. Will I have any trouble making it out? Drafts about 1.5 ft...
  3. General Discussion
    The comment period closes on JANUARY 15th! There has been some discussion on this topic over in the Cold Water Species Fishing board as well, so check there as we might have already answered your question. If not, please feel free to ask questions here- If you fish Platte Bay for any species...
  4. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    If you fish Platte Bay for any species of fish, please take a second to read through this proposal and submit comments to the National Park Service on this issue. The Park Service has made it clear that they are looking for any factual and constructive input from the public- so please make sure...
1-4 of 4 Results