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  1. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    I am looking to get into west Michigan pier fishing and have some question about early December- late January. There is not much info regarding this specific time. What types of rod, reel, line should I be using? General consensus on these forums seems anywhere from 8-12 ft. I’m very curious...
  2. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    Been fishing for walleye, pike, whitefish in northern Ontario remote lakes for my whole life. Always done trolling or jigging from a boat. Recently got into fishing around home more and discovered pier fishing and am a little addicted. started doing it late in the season and I’ve mostly just...
  3. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    Hi All. Looking to do some fishing along some Superior river mouths in the next few weeks (Unmentionables/Two Hearted etc.). Has anyone had luck up there for Steelhead/Salmon during this time? Unfortunately, I don't have access to fresh spawn right now, but looking to cast some spoons...
1-3 of 3 Results