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  1. MichiganTurkey.com
    Hey guys, this year I decided to give turkey hunting another chance. I hunted them some in high-school with no real luck other than bushwacking a Jake in the back yard while doing chores. Wasn't much of a turkey hunt. Anyway I prefer to hunt in a traditional fashion and use traditional artillery...
  2. Firearms
    Recently purchased a new Stoeger M3000 and out of the box it repeatedly patterns low and to the left (about 4 inches low and 3 left at 20 yards). I put around 50 shells and patterned at 15 20 and 30 yards with various bird shot sizes and type with the modified choke that came with the firearm...
  3. Crayfish Pattern

    Pattern tied by Jeremy Hunt for feathercraft.
  4. Crayfish Fly Pattern

    My second attempt
1-4 of 4 Results