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  1. Wildlife Habitat
    In the spring of 2014, displeased rumblings of Ann Arbor residents about the area's deer population made their way to the City Council. At that time, the City Council wished to implement a plan to handle the basis of those complaints, that being deer that were doing damage to the area landscape...
  2. Darrell's Gobbler

    10" beard 3/4" spurs Taken in the rain at 12:30PM.
  3. Huron 'bow

    Caught this rainbow from the Huron River in in the Proud Lake Rec Area on Friday Apr 19. I had plenty of risers but couldn't get 'em to take anything. Finally I tied on a Joe's Hopper out of desparation and caught this guy on the first cast! I guess no one told him that the hoppers aren't out yet
  4. Opening day gobbler

    Took this bird at about 12:30 opening day in Huron County.
1-4 of 4 Results