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  1. Traditional Archery
    Hey tradition folks, I am having difficulty in finding bohning paint for crown dipping. I use the clear coat form bohning and adhesives but damned if I can find compatible paint? I find a paint called True North but unsure if it works with bohning products? Any story on why it is so hard to...
  2. Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement
    Hello all Some ceiling paint in my living room is flaking. It started about 5 years ago when the paint was 6 or 7 years old. The flakes are about 1/4 of a dollar bill in size. I consider these fairly large flakes. All of the flakes have a powdery residue at the interface with the previous...
  3. re-paint

    repainting goose decoys
  4. re-paint

    repainting goose decoys
  5. re-paint

    repainting goose decoys
  6. Renegades a little poser

    look at them beautiful blue eyes....I mean eye....
  7. powderpaint

    powderpaint blades
  8. Scooch

    The paint stallion I got for $150 bucks........
  9. Boat06

    After paint job
  10. LSC Rig

    I usually hunt out of my Grumann Canoe or my brother-in-laws 14' boat. Now that my 11 year old son is hunting (first of three boys) I had to modify my walleye boat a little.
  11. Paint Creek brown

    Typical paint creek brown
  12. Mr Medium From Paint

    This was second of three in about 45 minutes close to 9:00 on the Paint. Fought like heck.
  13. Paint Creek Brown #2

    Mike (Mickey) with Brown #2
  14. Paint Creek Brown 1

    Mike (Mickey) with trout #1
1-14 of 14 Results