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  1. Firearms
    Hey! First time poster with a question regarding handguns. I recently moved back to Ann Arbor from Washington state, where I purchased a handgun through a FFL (Cabela's) there. I am not a CPL holder, nor do I intend to be (just got it for target shooting). My question is around licensing. From...
  2. Out of State Ice Fishing
    Well since the Out of State Ice Fishing forum is mainly Simcoe/Wisconsin/MN threads I thought I'd create one for Montana to post some pictures of my adventures on the ice. I've been out around the Helena area 9 times this year and have already done pretty well with rainbow trout and perch...
  3. Traditional Archery
    I was before all this quarantine fun, I had been thinking of of attending but not interested in going out of state to contract Covid, no matter how much I love traditional archery. Thoughts, views, going or not?
  4. Out of State Ice Fishing
    Hello ice fisherman, I am heading out to Lake of the Woods at the end of the month to do some ice fishing. We are staying at a lodge on the Rainy River and plan to fish out of their shanties. Looking for advice as to what type of rods to bring along (length and action), any suggestions for jigs...
  5. Optics
    I am looking for the best scope cover for Out west Hunting. I have had the flip up style break on me. Just wondering your experiences with neoprene style covers. My research shoes the Scopeshieldcover.com seems to be one of the better ones out there. What are your thoughts.
1-5 of 5 Results