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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Love it or hate it, but opening day in Michigan can be full of surprises. On November 15th, 2018 this brute of a Michigan buck was taken with a .450 Bushmaster. It was a deer we've been chasing for 2 years and we finally got into a spot it least expected a hunter to be in. The firearm was a .450...
  2. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    What is your go to shot gun on oppening morning and why?
  3. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Opening day in Michigan is basically a state wide holiday. This past season I had the best opening day of my life. I headed back to my hometown where I hunt the family farm. I drove up the night before after I got out of work in Livonia, to sit the entire opening day of Michigan's firearm...
  4. Deer Cam Pictures
    Saw this guy twice. Once on trail cam and once in the scope.
  5. Hunting Articles
    Here in Michigan November 15th is a date that every hunter knows. It is one of the first days I look at when opening a new calendar and is a day that evokes fond memories for many of this state's hunters. It is the opening day of Michigan's Firearm Deer Season and is one of my favorite days of...
  6. Hunting Articles
    There aren't many days on the calendar that I can tell you exactly where I was on that day last year, let alone where I was on that day the last 19 years in a row. As a matter of fact I will go so far as to say that November 15th is the only day on the calendar that I can look back on over the...
1-6 of 6 Results