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  1. Out of State Fishing
    The big walleye run on the Maumee River off the Western Basin of Lake Erie is only a couple months away.. I took some aerial footage of the best areas when the water level was really low. Figured that would give anglers the best ideas of where the walleye would prefer on the river. If the...
  2. MichiganTurkey.com
    If this thread better belongs in the Out Of State section please move. Figured as the main topic was turkey hunting it would be better suited here and hopefully more replies. Anyway, I just started looking last night at putting together a last minute turkey hunt in OH this year. I've been...
  3. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Unfortunately I am already starting to plan next years season with the hopes of putting in early work to give myself better opportunities in the stand. I hunted the Manistee national forest this year. It is relatively a short drive (from Grand Rapids) but the mature buck sign was limited. I...
  4. 2006 Ohio Gun Buck

    Taken in Ross County, Ohio. Second day of firearm season, 2006.
1-4 of 4 Results