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  1. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Has anyone been out to check Gerundegut bay on Cass lake since the past few cold days. Hoping to get out Saturday AM. If not this lake, anything else in Oakland County look like it may be safe Saturday AM?
  2. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Hello everyone, new here and hoping I posted in the right place. I'm not familiar with the lakes in Oakland Country but am going to be buying a waterfront house there in the next year and would like to get some ideas on which lakes would be better to live on for fishing. I fish primarily for...
  3. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Will be starting Next week to pinpoint the walleyes. Lots of hole drilling. Will update as I go. So far ice I have seen last 2 weeks is good. Not really willing to drive on lake I don’t know yet but experience will come with time. Saw a few guys with no fish, a few with just a few crappies and 1...
  4. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Anyone fishing it this year and ice reports help us fellow anglers out!?
  5. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and now live on Cass lake in Oakland County. I am trying to learn how to fish this lake, as it has so many huge drop-off's and sand flats, I am not even sure where to start. So far I have had some success in the guts for Largemouth and Pike, but I'm...
1-5 of 5 Results