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  1. MichiganTurkey.com
    The North Ottawa Toms are hosting our annual Hunting Heritage Banquet on March 10th at 6pm. We are giving away some great firearms!!! There is limited seating available. Please contact us soon for reservations! ***PLEASE NOTE *** The location of our Banquet HAS CHANGED. It will be held at...
  2. MichiganTurkey.com
    North Ottawa Toms Chapter of the NWTF Hunting Heritage Banquet Dinner 3/11/2016 Doors Open 5:30 - Games-Raffles 6:00 PM Dinner 7:30 PM All in One Catering/Banquet Hall 9370 West Olive Road (Business M-31) West Olive, MI 49460 We have over $12,000 in Guns & Prizes to buy & Win! $55.00 Single...
1-2 of 2 Results