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  1. Celebrate

    Port Charlotte Sr Games after race party
  2. Finish

    Port Charlotte Sr Games Kayak Race
  3. Start

    Port Charlotte Sr Games Kayak race
  4. Eagle

    MO fishing buddy
  5. Deep Creek Gator

    We got this picture of this guy on the bank of Deep Creek, a tributary of the Peace River in Florida.
  6. 4 LB 8 OZ Large Mouth

    My mom gave me this picture of me and my biggest ever Largemouth at a Thanksgiving family get together. This was taken in 1958 !!!!
  7. Buckeye Fan

    Some wounds heal slow. As a result of the Toledo War (1835-1836) Ohio got Toledo and Michigan got the U.P. WE GOT SCREWED!!!
  8. A new angler

    Dana is now a veteran angler. She says it is more fun when you catch some.
  9. Bob's Turtle

    When the trout are off, you try bass, when the bass are off Bob tries turtle - 50 pounds of snapper.
  10. Molly and Dana

    Molly's first trip in my new boat. She says it beats the duck blind.
  11. Neapolis new toy

    My new boat.
  12. Grouse Camp

    Camp in Tar Hollow State Park, hunt in Tar Hollow State Forest (Southest Ohio)
  13. Molly at the Beach

    Molly at the Beach - Venus Florida.
  14. Best Buddies

    JT (my grandson), Kelly (my Golden), and me planning a duck attack.
  15. Molly at the river

    Molly at Bend View Metropark. A walk in park on the Maumee River
  16. Au Sable Brown - 27"

    My biggest Brown of 2001 (actually, my biggest Brown ever)
  17. A pair of PM Steelhead

    A pair of PM Steelhead after a day on the PM with the Shoeman.
  18. My first Steelhead

    Thanks to Shoeman.
  19. Thanksgiving Day

    This was Mom's idea right??? Pull the trigger and lets go hunting.
  20. Molly's first Pheasant

    It's a Pheasant!!
1-20 of 21 Results