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  1. 02117

    Blaise at 9.5 weeks
  2. My son's Michigan Elk

    My son's Michigan Elk
  3. Pike speared through the ice!

    3 of us were out on cavinal lake in Chelsea MI. And the pike came back 3 times! It thrid time he was speared! It was a 33 inch Northern Pike!
  4. First Bear Michigan Upper Pennisula 2008

    She's a beauty at 270 feild dressed ! It took me 4 hours in the feild watching her play and eat and dig for more to eat! She was a magnificent hunt and a true spirit of the wild ! My heart was in my throat the whole time, what an experience.
  5. IMG_1563

  6. 11point 1st buck

    11 point County: Lapeer Date: Nov. 4th Weight: 145 my 1st buck!!!!
  7. IM001420

  8. my plot

    my 32 acres
  9. Kia with a Dove wing

    This is my new "V" puppy Kia. This picture was taken of her at 6 weeks with a dove wing.
  10. My Dog and Boy

    My Dog and Boy
  11. Doc duckin

    This is Doc Henry, Duck'n in 2003
  12. My S&W #629 Stainless .44 Mag

    This is my other hunting companion, it's my S&W .44Magnum that has a patchmyre grip and a Redfield Golden 5 Star variable scope 2.5-9x32. This baby has seen and dropped many a deer in its tracks. I'll never part with her.
  13. My 7mm Mag and my handmade thumbhole stock

    This is my Remington 700 BDL L/A that I replaced the factory stock on with one I had hand made from a English Walnut Blank. I used a Thumbhole Varment Stock pattern and installed a decellerator pad. I also pillar bedded the action and floated the barrel
  14. My Wall

    My Wall
1-20 of 31 Results