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  1. Fishing Stuff
    Selling 12x12 Muskie, Walleye, Bass decals. $14.99. Perfect for the boat or truck. The decals are printed on 6 mil vinyl, UV protected and the art work is original. Message me if interested at [email protected] or at my online store.
  2. hamlinlakemuskie

    hamlin lake muskie
  3. doralees_musky1

    My wife's 1st musky!
  4. doralee_musky1

    My wife's 1st musky!
  5. Doralee_s_Musky1

    My wife's 1st musky! Caught on a handmade lure.
  6. dans_42_half_musky1

    43 incher. Caught 10 minutes after 39 incher. Also on handmade lure. Northern Wisconsin.
  7. dans_39_incher1

    39 inch. Caught on handmade lure on a figure-8. Northern Wisconsin.
  8. 44_inch_thornapple_musky1

    44 incher. Thornapple Lake.
  9. 25_pound_45_incher1

    45 inch 25 pounder. Upper Peninsula lake. On my handmade lure.
  10. Master Angler Musky from 1994

    Caught in Lake St. Clair near ship channel in November, 1994 - 49 1/2 in., 28.09 lbs.
  11. 46" Muskellunge Reproduction

    46" Muskellunge Reproduction
1-11 of 11 Results