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  1. Identification Help Photos
    I found these smaller mushrooms in my woods growing next to a burnt stump, they had an orange/brown color to them, anyone have any idea what they're called, or if they're edible?
  2. Identification Help Photos
    I found two pretty big (6 inches across) mushrooms near my swamp on forest floor, any idea what they're called, or if they might be edible?
  3. Mushroom Questions and Info
    Hi! I have a question. Is there a special mushroom Identification course to become an authorized expert? Sth. like in Europe. It takes one year. It's divided in several blocks including microscopy courses. And you have to participate in special mushrooms hunts during the year. After that you...
  4. Identification Help Photos
    Found them in my garden while mowing the other day and wondered what they are, if they are poisonous or anything and I should try and get rid of them so the kids in the area don't get stupid and pick them and eat them. or maybe they are something normal and boring found everywhere, would be coo...
  5. JR Kahrer

    MUshroom hunter living in South West Michigan, looking to make new friends and new recipes at the same time, especially Chanterellles
  6. x-section

  7. chants

  8. June-8-F

    June 8....
  9. drake mallard

    Here's a picture of my dog Otter and his first Hen of the Woods.
  10. mushroom1

    can anyone identify

    10 inch white moral
  12. Morel

  13. The Black Morel

    A nice fresh Black Morel Mushroom
  14. morels

1-17 of 17 Results