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  1. ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, UTV's
    This has been sold. This is like brand new, my brother in law bought it a few months ago planning to use it for ice fishing and snow plowing but passed away. I'm selling it for my sister. It is stored in a garage and hardly used. It only has 8.2 miles on it. Comes with a 60 inch mule mint...
  2. 2008 kansas muzzle loader

    Central Kansas muzzle loader kill. It's a mule deer.
  3. The work is almost over.

    Mule deer hunt in Nevada. After to actually kill a buck, the work is just beginning. You still have to get him off the mountain.
  4. Montana Mule Deer

    9/05, 151" Mule Deer w/ Hoyt Ultra Mag. Excellent Hunt w/ Perkins outfitters; 4/5 were Pope and Young Animals
  5. big mulie 1

    got this bad boy in colorado rifle third season
  6. jersmulie

    6x5 colorado mule deer big brow tines for a mulie
  7. Wyoming trip

    Took a trip to Wyoming wit my Dad and our new friends.
  8. Big Mule Deer

    200 inch mule deer. Nicely posed. Taken with archery tackle in Colorado.by Ken Kozminski.
  9. Ken's Archery Mule Deer

    Nice Mule Deer buck taken with archery tackle. Shot on September 23rd in Colorado with Hoyt bow and Easton arrows. Gross score is just over 200 inches.
  10. SD Mulie....

    5x5 shot at 250 yrds w/my 30.06
  11. Little Muley

    Bow kill 22 yards Sept 10 04.
  12. Grand Canyon mulies

    Mule deer buck on south rim of Grand Canyon, February 2003
  13. Mule Deer

    Montana Mule Deer
  14. First Mule

    Daughter's first deer, and with a muzzleloader.
  15. The Shire

    Fall Coulee with Haze and Deer
  16. Early Colorado Bucks

    Taken in Colorado in eary July...
1-20 of 21 Results