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  1. Baby Sitter in Training

    Not sure who is watching or training who.
  2. Vernors

    Lardskins caught this 17" au sable brown on the graduation days. God Bless my buddy!
  3. Molly at the Beach

    Molly at the Beach - Venus Florida.
  4. Molly at the river

    Molly at Bend View Metropark. A walk in park on the Maumee River
  5. Thanksgiving Day

    This was Mom's idea right??? Pull the trigger and lets go hunting.
  6. Molly's first Pheasant

    It's a Pheasant!!
  7. Molly's first Chukar

    First non waterfowl hunt
  8. Neapolis and Molly

    Fall Day, waiting for the Ducks.
1-8 of 8 Results