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  1. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    *This next month. Tree planting? Other?
  2. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    Looking for land to lease for fall 2017/spring 2018 seasons. Have extensive experience with QDMA and lease land management. Have managed farms from 50 acres to 2500 acres in previous years. Recently moved to Michigan and looking for a farm to hunt and develop. Looking for minimum of 50 acres...
  3. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    Hi Michigan, I'm a novice to pretty much this whole culture. My dad was stationed overseas in no-fun countries for the majority of my life, and I've only been hunting three times in my life. The Army owned me for all of college, and I had very little free time. Now that I've graduated and...
1-3 of 3 Results