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  1. Fishing Stuff
    16 Custom painted 5 1/2" Bomber long A like stick baits. Lures have VMC #4 X2 Red treble hooks. I have many boxes of these so the lures you recieve may not be the patterns depicted in the pictures. All Boxes will have 2 lures of each pattern. (8 patterns 2 of each) I will deliver within 30 miles...
    $100 USD
  2. Fishing Stuff
    40 Bombers most are brand new or like new some are scuffed a little and a couple are scratched pretty good but all are ready to run. First person with $140.00 takes the lot - Firm Price. Please respond to thread and they are yours. I live in Millington. Gus
  3. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Well the first questions was WHEN are you the most successful? Now I would like to hear WHAT is your favorite/most successful tactic/Lure for Walleyes on Inland Lakes? Annnnd go....
  4. Small Bass + Rapala

    Not long after ice out, I like to toss around a Rapala size 03 Original Floating lure in the shallows to see what kind of fish have moved up there. Usually I'll come across a lot of these small Bass hunting around in the shallows, but I'll also catch Panfish of various kinds on these to. Good lure!
  5. 2010

  6. 2010

    Custom Airbrushed Lure
  7. 2009-2010 fish porn

    trying out different colors
  8. Flys

    Some of The Fly I Have Been Tieing Lately.
  9. Lure Sporting Collectibles Show

    Lure Show Oct 6th Call For info Dean Sova (313)299-9533
  10. Kevin's Pole Dancer

    Muskie lure tied, twisted at the MMA meeting
1-10 of 10 Results