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  1. Lost and Found
    Found iPhone on Michigan St Rd. I charged it up and it works. PM me with details of iPhone, case and, specifically, the screen background image.
  2. Lost and Found
    Found a Permanent trailer plate in the water last night at Fisherman's Landing. PM me through license Plate # and I will get it back to you.
  3. North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Green Fishing bag with 2 rods, one 8wt fly rod and a bass rod with a baitcaster flew off the top of my vehicle last evening, July 4th. TIA.
  4. Icefishing Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    Was on Vandy Sunday afternoon, straight out about half mile, when heavy gusts came at 3:00-ish. Before I realized it my shanty and I were blowing across the lake. In the process my bucket/seat blew away, out of sight. The bucket was closed and full of goodies, hats, tools, knifes, seat...
  5. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    So I think I made a very dumb mistake and left two fly rods and a tackle bag at the boat ramp dock at the mouth of the boardman on tues. If you found it or know anyone who found it PLEASE let me know. This was all mega important to me and I will offer some kind of reward for its return. Plus all...
1-5 of 5 Results