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  1. Tractors, Implements, Farm Equipment
    Howdy, Here is a very nice 2007 John Deere 4105 tractor that is for sale. It has a model 300cx quick park front end loader with skid steer style quick attach bucket, one rear hydraulic remote, two range hydrostatic transmission, 41HP Yanmar diesel engine, Ag/R1 tires, fresh oil and filter...
  2. 2008 kansas muzzle loader

    Central Kansas muzzle loader kill. It's a mule deer.
  3. opening day southern Mi muzzle loader season

    I hunted the outskirts of the Todd Farm in Allegan County the day they hold the doe shoot in the preserve to hopefully have something shoved out in my direction. Just b4 noon here he came with about a dozen does. It was my first shot at a live target with my new encore. I think he saw me move my sho
  4. First Mule

    Daughter's first deer, and with a muzzleloader.
1-4 of 4 Results