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  1. Fishing Stuff
    Hello, I have (2) Daiwa X50 SHA conventional reels with brand new 50 lb yellow power pro line. Great for Lead core/Copper setups. In good condition. St Clair Shores Area. $140/both. Thanks for looking!
  2. General Discussion
    So I started trolling the big lake on my own last year and did not do great, but I caught a few and learned a ton. This year I am adding leadcore. I have 2 downrigger rods 2 diver rods and 4 rods for boards. I plan on making all four board rods leadcore. Right now I am thinking 2, 3, 5, and 7...
  3. Fishing Stuff
    Special mate box full of spoons. Lots of spin doctors and big weenie rigs 14 + rod and reel combos including some near new Shimanos Okuma reels in various sizes for leadcore/copper/downrigger/dypsy Misc plugs, down rigger balls 15 lb Dispey divers in different sizes Lots of lightly used gear...
  4. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Hey all, I generally head up to Ludington every year in August to do some Salmon/Steelhead fishing. We generally utilize Dipsey Divers to get our lines down with mixed results. I was thinking about trying out lead core line on a few of our setups this year to see if this results in more...
1-4 of 4 Results