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  1. MichiganWaterfowl.com
    Just starting to get into layout hunting. What is the most common choke and shot size for this? 12G. I figure small ducks, typically decoying. #4 & IC? Yes yes - shoot straight and it won't matter. I can play baseball with a softball, but why not ask. Thanks!
  2. MichiganWaterfowl.com
    Been hard at work trying to make the layout blend in a little better. We like our UFO but never really liked the 360 spray shield and the color. I know... the boat is supposed to match the color of the gray skies but when time is tight and opportunities few you have to hunt everyday possible. So...
  3. layout blind

    Layout blind for field hunting geese
  4. layout blind

    Layout blind for field hunting geese
  5. layout boat

    out homemade layout boat in lake st.clair
  6. visqueen covered layout

    This shows one of our South Bay Scooters that is painting in brown camo but covered with visqueen to hide the boat in open water for layout hunting.
  7. Deke Set Layout

    This is a diagram of how we set decoys up for layout hunting. We usually use 200-250 decoys.
1-16 of 16 Results