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  1. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I launched out of Bellanger last weekend and it was "ok". A bit flooded so if you go you should wear at least 8", maybe 12" now, waterproof boots. There is a $15 charge that a person is taking at the gate. But my question, and to try and avoid that split-second contact giving someone money...
  2. Boating and Boat Rigging
    I have a Starcraft Seafarer 14 with a 15 horse Johnson 2-stroke. The boat and trailer fully loaded with gear weighs 500-600 lbs. I don't know what the tongue weight is, but its not much, I frequently move the loaded trailer by hand without much effort. I have a 2008 dodge avenger SXT with the...
  3. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Hey guys, I know my way around the lower portion of Betsie pretty well but can anyone help me with some access points above the dam(upper portion of the river) where I could launch my small drift boat? Thanks!
  4. Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    Did some searching and didn't come up with anything. Looking for a list of launches from Port Austin in the thumb, around the Bay, through Whitestone Point. Would like to include public (DNR, town, village) and private (campground, marina) launches. Does something exist? I think it's good...
  5. Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    How is Finn Road for launching my 18 foot Tracker deep V?
  6. Balie' and I

    Balie' and I getting started.
1-6 of 6 Results