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  1. Largemouth Bass. Nice Size

    Southwest, MI. Caught just out messing around
  2. frankies_fish

    Frankie showing how the pros kiss the fish!
  3. large mouth

    a lunker that killed my shad rap
  4. whats for dinner

    getting ready to start cleaning those bad-boys
  5. pops and i

    a couple nice ones my dad and i landed, twas a great day with the old man.
  6. large mouth

    fun fight, fishing for spring gills and landed the bass
  7. large mouth

    pre spawn lg mouth 18in landed with carolina rig
  8. nice lill catch

    large mouth on merrit lk , lapeer MI
  9. large mouth

    6lb large mouth bronson lk , lapeer MI good old hank park spinner
  10. Unknown Shroom

    Have not had time to look this one up. They were growing under Oak at the Pine River Nature Center
    Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
  11. Dick's big king.

    A very large king that Dick landed and released.
1-11 of 11 Results