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  1. General Discussion
    I'm looking to take my guides here at Georgia Wild Trout up for a trip to chase Lakers/Macks/Togues/Greasers on the fly. Is there a dependable place or best time to do this in the spring or is the Fall a more sure bet? We are skilled anglers (casts, retrieves, etc..) but havent had luck chasing...
  2. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Anyone know of any quality lake trout spots in ottawa county. I live in Holland, but dont know if Macatawa holds any in the winter
  3. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    I am looking to get into west Michigan pier fishing and have some question about early December- late January. There is not much info regarding this specific time. What types of rod, reel, line should I be using? General consensus on these forums seems anywhere from 8-12 ft. I’m very curious...
  4. Icefishing UP inland lakes and big lake bays
    Hello All, I’m looking for some suggestions. My uncle lives in Ishpeming and I’ve started making an annual ice fishing trip. I’m currently going to school out of state but plan to come up around 1st week of March. My buddy is also coming from MN and never fished in the UP or Michigan. I’ve been...
  5. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    anyone know if there is any decent lake trout fishing out from Brimley this time of the year? American waters only
  6. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Im almost done with my exams (Finance) and I was thinking of taking my boat up to the Grand Marais area to do some fishing (lake trout and coho). From what Ive heard the best bet is to troll 30-60 ft with a flasher and spin n glow. But Ive also seen that pink and orange spoons as well as...
  7. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Has anyone been catching any lake trout on Green Lake in the last couple of years? I know the DNR used to stock them regularly in there, wondering if they still are.
  8. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Hey all, longtime lurker here, first time poster. Long story short, I moved up to the Traverse City area 2 winters ago, and have since taken up ice fishing. I love it, have had moderate success with perch/panfish with no electronics, but that's it. I recently found out this may be my last winter...
  9. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Driving up next Thursday from Ohio and have a few questions. PM's welcome if you don't want to post. 1. Is there public parking on Sheridan Drive? What's the closest walk to the sunken island? 2. How much snow on the ice? Will a quad get stuck? Side-by-side? 3. How thick is the ice? Is there...
  10. Cold Water Species Fishing
    This past Memorial Day we went fishing with some really good friends on Lake Huron out of Harbor Beach. Some of you on here might have run into them a time or two as well. We hauled in fish after fish after fish. At times we did have to work for them to find where they were at. Also the change...
  11. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Ive been fishing the past few mornings looking for lakers. I was out near the island and caught a couple perch but other than that I had one solid bite but no hook up. Need tips on where to locate them. Tomorrow morning is my last chance so any advice would help
  12. Warm Water Species Fishing
    My wife and I are heading up to Arcadia and I have a few questions about the area for fishing. I am new to the area and any advice would be greatly appreciated. A. Is there a public boat launch for Arcadia Lake B. I see a lot of articles on Crystal lake but what is the boat/jet ski traffic like...
  13. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Hey guys last week I went out fishing for anything on the little traverse bay where we trolled from Petoskey to Bay harbor. We had no action at first until we came across a pod of fish at which all of our rods went off and we ended up landing 4 fish in one pass with two guys. It was a great...
  14. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Hey guys, I connected with Rob Henry out of the east end and we did a number on some beautiful lake trout! There really was no shortage of action. Boards were firing and riggers were popping all day! Coolest part of this day was seeing that fish box in action... I would have never believed...
  15. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Hello, I've lived in Benzie County all my life and have been an avid Outdoorsman for 40 years but I've only targeted Pike, perch, and smelt through the ice. Now I would dearly love to expand my horizons and learn how to and where to catch Lake trout, Cisco, and White fish through the ice on...
  16. Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    was thinking of launching at grindstone today. any info? walleye, salmon, lake trout, perch, anyone fishing the area as of late?
  17. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/03/24/mercury-rising-scientists-puzzled-metals-jump-great-lakes-fish/99306786/ Free Press story claims that walleye and lake trout in certain areas in Michigan's waters are showing unexplained, increased mercury levels.
  18. Fishing Stuff
    I am selling two *TWO* cannon magnum 5st electric downriggers for $380 (thats normally the price for one) Both have been used under 10 trips and work great! Everything from the original box is included. Once again the price is $380. Contact me if interested. Located in Kent County Michigan...
1-18 of 18 Results