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  1. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    A buddy and I were out on Erie Sunday, and we were marking just loads of fish in the shipping channel out from the mouth of the Maumee River. Assuming just lots of fish still heading up to spawn. Does anyone ever jig that channel? Is it legal to do so? About 33 fow just stacked with marks...
  2. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I'm sure many of you will recognize this area. I'd put money on it. lol Here is a fall bass fishing trip on Erie when the chop was a little rough. Ended up putting a good day in where everybody launches their boat. Hopefully it might get you a little excited to get the boat back out on...
  3. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hello everyone, Let me start with a little background. I’ve been in the coast guard for 10 years and have served on the East coast, the Gulf, and the lakes of Michigan. My last few years I have been serving on the Lake St. Clair, Detroit river, and the west side of Lake Erie. I have seen...
  4. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Well, we are all wanting to go fishing, but are sidelined for a bit. The very first "sticky" at the top of this page concerns fishing in the Michigan waters of Lake Erie. If you have not done so already please go to the sticky titled "Lake Erie Survey" and help us by filling out a short survey...
  5. Out of State Fishing
    Tough time getting through this period of ice up and open water. Hope this video brings some fond memories of being on the lake. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and few decent catches. It was a race to get some fishing in before a storm hit.
  6. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Locating and tactics to find those early moving fall transition bass on Lake Erie.
  7. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I am planning on going out with dad out of Bolles Harbor tomorrow. We tried 2 weeks ago by Fermi in 26-28ft of water but got skunked with weeds due to the North Wind. We were using crawler harnesses and spoons. Where are the hot spots for walleye? What are they biting on? What depth are the fish at?
  8. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Does anyone have any experience in fishing a Smokercraft Freedom 180 SC on erie? I was interested in the Freedom on paper for flat floor all the way to the bow. I don't like raised platform boats for big water, but I've never been in a Smokercraft freedom 180. Does anyone fish Lake Erie in a...
1-8 of 8 Results