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lake county
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  1. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    This might be a stretch but I’m Looking for any info on any of the public lakes in lake county that have some pike in them for some catch and release action. Thx
  2. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Heading up to Big and Little bass this weekend. Anyone been on either lake? Hoping the warmer weather doesn’t affect the ice too much.
  3. 4 Wheeling - ATVs
    What are the age restrictions for ORV for 16 year olds in Michigan? Can they drive the ORV alone on trails? Do they need the safety course? Also the same questions for 17-18 year olds. Thanks for any and all help its appreciated!
  4. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    Our family is buying larger tracts of timber land in the northwestern lower peninsula for long-term management for wildlife habitat and timber growth. We are looking for land that is of value to hunters, and we will lease the land for hunting to cover the property taxes. We are primarily looking...
1-4 of 4 Results