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  1. King salmon, Frankfort, MI

    King salmon caught in Lake Michigan out of Frankfort, MI. Fish came on a meat rig and spin doctor combination, on a dipsy. In 110 FOW with 85 feet out on the dipsy rod.
  2. King salmon, Frankfort, MI

    King salmon caught out of Frankfort, MI on Lake Michigan. Fish came on a meat rig and spin doctor combo, on a dipsy 85 feet out in 110 fow.
  3. johnking2resize

    king port sheldon 8/21/10
  4. King (Frankfort 9/8/08)

    Frankfort 9/8/08
  5. Kings (Frankfort 9/7/08)

    Frankfort 9/7/08
  6. Sea King (Clinton) 5.0 motor

    Side view of Sea King 5.0 HP motor mfd by Clinton
  7. Sea King (Clinton) 5.0 motor data plate

    Model and serial number for Montomery Ward Sea King 5.0 HP motor, manufactured by Clinton engines Corp.
  8. king salmon

    one big poop brown king
  9. king salmon

    a nice king i got at the footedam oscoda mi, tight lineing spawn
  10. king salmon

    16lb king salmon , trolling the mouth of the Au Sable River on the fall run!
  11. KING MAC

    10LB King mackerel I landed down in Mexico
  12. king

    a big winter king i caught with my hands i saw swimming while fighting a steely january 10... aaooo
  13. River King

    A fresh 35" Male
  14. First Salmon River Fishing

    Big Manistee 1st Salmon ever river fishing
  15. Northern King Challenge 1

    Son with second fish of the day caught on Mountain Dew Spinnie and NK Green Krinkle fly.
  16. Salmon from St Joe outing on July 7th

    Another salmon from a great day of fishing.
  17. July 7,07 King from MS tourney from St Joseph

    First one of the morning for Roger. Still first light and this was the thrid one of the day, Ken is fighting another in the background. Very good morning to be a fisherman!
1-20 of 129 Results