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  1. MichiganWaterfowl.com
    Come visit us the weekend of August 25th for many great events! Youth Calling Clinic - Every kid will get a GK Calls duck call!!! Where- Muskegon State Game Area Office - 7600 E Messinger Rd - Twin Lakes When - August 25th -
  2. LSCWA Kids Ice Fishing

    LSCWA Kid's Ice Fishing event photos lake and shore
  3. LSCWA Kids Ice Fishing

    LSCWA Kid's Ice Fishing event photos lake and shore

  5. Serra boys wade

    Early Spring steelhead fishing with the Serra boys. Notice Max with my "wellies" on for waders! He recently saved up and bought real waders from Cabella's.
  6. Max has caught bigger

    bassin' from shore with the Serra boys
  7. Serra Boys Pike

    Late Fall trolling in Kent County, MI.
  8. Serra Katt Boys' Pike

    Tip up fishing with the Serra boys and their buddies on a small Kent County lake, winter of '07. Fun!
  9. Kid's fish

    Maddie Kozminski's first fish.
  10. Jacob & Kaylee GLLI 2005

    with prises from kids shoot
  11. Pumpkin Patch Kids

    My 6 month old boy and girl and their first pumpkin before carving.
  12. Dads Trophies

    Sydney and Nicholas are proud of dads fist deer for the season
  13. Kaelin's Coho

    Kaelin's Coho from our trip with Higherpowered out of Sanilac.
  14. Kaelin's King

    Kaelin and her King
  15. Kaelin's Laker

    Kaelin and her Sanilac Lake Trout
  16. Makenzie and her King

    Makenzie and her King
  17. Nephew_Keith's_Gill

    This was the first of many panfish my nephews, brother-in-law and I pulled out of a SE MI lake. The boys had a blast.
  18. lots of little perch

    Me and the kids out in bass lake having fun with the little ones
1-19 of 19 Results