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  1. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Fished the Jordan this weekend and didn’t have much luck. Fished three different spots. Fished right at Alba road drop in, right where Webster road crosses the river, and right where Old state rd crosses. Managed to catch a couple very small brown trout but that was it. These areas were also...
  2. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I have seen a few hex's starting to pop in the past nights anybody else having any luck yet or has the wonky weather held them off?
  3. Jordan's 10 incher 5-19-07

    Jordan took this tom at around 6:20 am. He really held his cool and was able to move his gun around 45* with out the two hens right next to him spooking.
  4. "Proud Fisherman?"

    Garden Bay & DaveW731;with the best catch of the day. 2/19/'05
  5. "Catch of The Day!"

    Steve & Dave @ Jordan Lake,2/19
1-5 of 5 Results