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  1. fat cat

  2. open wide

  3. Steel Dam

    Brother and nephew Chad at the steel dam......reloading.....lol
  4. Waders at the Steel Dam

    Waders at the Steel Dam
  5. The Monster

    The biggest Stripie of all year, so far.
  6. Chads Best

    Chads best of the whole day.
  7. Keepers 062403

    This is just the keepers. We caught 17 total on minnows.
  8. Keepers on a string

    This is just the ones we kept at the Steel dam on 06/24/03.
  9. Chads Stripie and Crappie

    They are small, but yummy. Yup, thats my truck.
1-12 of 12 Results