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  1. Jake's big catfish

    caught in lake erie june 2012
  2. 07 Jake

  3. kent 2007 turkey

    Kents second ever turkey. Around 15 lbs 5 inch beard. We were standing together next to an apple tree when the three jakes that had been hasseling the long beard we were after walked through. We had to freeze and let them walk past us before he could chance taking the shot with out spooking them. S
  4. 2007 jake

    I got even with one of the jakes that persisted in running a long beard off that I was working
  5. Two sons at Brown City

    Jake and Rhett with Tugg at Brown City hunt 12 for 12
  6. Jakesgoose

    My nephew Jake's first goose and big but his smile sure was.
  7. Good Hunt Jake

1-9 of 9 Results