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  1. Nice mess of slab Crappies

    Nice mess of slab Claecos.
  2. True 12 inch Crappies(=:

    Nice mess of 12 inch Calecos. Got 22 in three hours. Lost 5 @ the boat)=:
  3. 10 point

    2nd buck with bow, approx. 127" October 8th
  4. app 53 inch muskie.....

    Huge muskie taken during the HPYC tourney (not by me, though) Just posting to show that Radar420 's fish is HUGE and would look kind of like this in hand!!! Laying on the ice, you may not think it is that big, but remember, he measured his spud bar at 50 inches and that hog is laying right beside i
  5. Perchville Winning childs fish

    6 year old granddaughter won lst place with this fish..Got a nice rod/reel
1-8 of 8 Results