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  1. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    Want to float out an idea and get some feedback: The late season bedding problem I see is the lack of coverage after most of the green foliage is gone.. Late October my neck of the woods. We have deep areas of small pines, but not in all areas we want to establish new bedding. Hinge cutting...
  2. IceFishingMichigan.com
    So I'm trying to put together a "budget" flip over shanty and picked up a Fish Trap II fairly cheap. While inspecting it, I found some significant holes in the bottom back end of the tub. After doing some research, I found a ton of different ways of repairing these holes . I figured this would...
  3. Cover Idea

    Just a cover idea i messed around in making.
1-3 of 3 Results