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  1. Out of state hunts
    Now that most Ontario Bear Hunts are done... anyone one care to suggest an outfitter for 2018? Maybe a short synopsis of your hunt, date and method of hunt, and anything else you would like to add. Myself...Ive been Canada bear hunting 4 times. 2x saw no bears, 1x passed on small one...
  2. Optics
    I am looking for the best scope cover for Out west Hunting. I have had the flip up style break on me. Just wondering your experiences with neoprene style covers. My research shoes the Scopeshieldcover.com seems to be one of the better ones out there. What are your thoughts.
  3. 2006 NM Elk 6x7 (pic 2)

    2006 NM Elk 6x7 (pic 2)

  4. Training pays off!

    Training pays off!

    After a Saturday up North hunting in the trees & thickets...one tired dog & two birds.