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  1. uber bass

    no really, it's real, I promise. super duper promise? no? If I had any feelings they would be hurt.
  2. DSC000091

  3. 412 buck4

  4. Skyscraper

    Mark Drury 191" droptine buck
  5. 170 class buck?

    this buck was taken by Grand Ledge
  6. 06WT2

  7. Huge buck

  8. huge bass

    20in 5lb bass
  9. Holy crap

    Although the stats of this insane brown are unknown, we do know that it was caught in a small crick in Wisconson by one Chaz Jacobsen of Two Forks, MT. Congratulatins to Mr. Jacobsen!!!!!!!
  10. houghton lake brusier

    huge pike caught on a swedish pimple
1-13 of 13 Results