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  1. Feral Pig Control and Hunting
    Is there any place in Michigan or surrounding states that allow you to bring your own dogs? Looking to work dogs on hogs, not looking to hunt necessarily... just work the dogs. Can help with tagging/vaccinations etc... whatever if needed on game farms. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, kentucky...
  2. Texas Hog

    This hog was 840 lbs. He was certified by the Texas Wildlife Division, weighed and inspected for TB. It took it with a 55lb bow and a 90 gr broadhead back in 1999
  3. Meat Hog Hunt

    Bark River Ranch
  4. Meat Hog Hunt Bark River Ranch Harrison, MI. 48625

    After this long, hard miserable winter weather, You deserve to have a good time, hunt a meat hog , enjoy the company of friends and just relax! Meat hog special $325 each or group of 4 or more $295 each. Hogs are 225 pounds +/- yielding roughly 140 pounds of delicious hi quality meat (@roughly $2.10

  6. 1st Pig

    Killed on Super G Ranch - June 2012 est. 600lb
  7. possible hog tracks?

    tracks found in midland mi
  8. piggy piggy

    here piggy piggy piggy
  9. Hog Rainbow

    Hog Rainbow
  10. Nyblads Hog Roaster

    Hog Roaster
  11. C B's HOG

    Woodcarving of a hog doing a wheely on a Harley
  12. 8 lb 1 oz 24"

    Caught this on a "crazy crawler" First fish of the season.
1-13 of 13 Results