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  1. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I have seen a few hex's starting to pop in the past nights anybody else having any luck yet or has the wonky weather held them off?
  2. Hunting Articles
      Sure, taking my phone out of its waterproof case was probably not the best idea, but I was hoping to get a couple of shots on the river and of the Clutch 6wt that I was trying out. After all, I am pretty sure footed, and I have never fallen in a river before, nor have I dropped my phone in...
  3. Hex'd up brown with Mike Bachelder

    2007 hex float trip with guide Mike Bachelder
  4. Jan 2008

    Taken on a Rabbit Strip Wiggle Hex
  5. another hex

  6. hex

  7. Hex 2003

  8. Low-rider

  9. hex2

  10. hex1

  11. Hex Hatch Brown

    This is my first entry to the 21" club caught during the hex hatch in 98' on the Manistee/
1-11 of 11 Results