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  1. 06 smokey gray bearded hen-6in beard

    06 smokey gray bearded hen-6in beard
  2. moor hen and baby

    Picture of a moor hen and baby taken in this year in Florida.
  3. female king

    12 lb
  4. Bearded Hen

    Pic #2
  5. Bearded Hen

    7" beard, didn't have it weighed, but it had to be around 10#'s, little thing. Shot on the second day of my hunt.
  6. hen

  7. 2004 Bearded Hen

    Fantastic Thunder Storm sends thi fantastic hen with a 4" beard my way.
  8. Chrome Hen

    Great fight! Tight skeins too.
  9. P.M. Hen

    this is from my first successful Salmon trip. The P.M. on October 5th with Betts Guides. Great weather, great fish, great time!
  10. Big Chromer

    This was my biggest hen of the year. It went 13.8 lbs and was so fresh I fought it for over a half hour with my 8 weight and a 6lb tippet.
  11. Success at Last

    After going 0-3 the day before, I was extremely happy to finally land this beautiful female steelhead on the Big Manistee at Tippy Dam.
1-12 of 12 Results