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  1. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    im wanting to take my son to south lake leelanau for the opener just to switch it up. Is that a good idea? An better recommendations in the tc area? Thank you!
  2. MichiganWaterfowl.com
    I’m in search of a tender boat. Ideally I’ve heard good things about Starcraft Mariners. I’m open to any ideas. I would like to buy an older cheaper boat and build it as I am just getting out of college and you know the job market is a little iffy right now so I would like to keep it affordable...
  3. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    This is an extremely new hunter question, sorry in advance. I've been doing some searching and poking around and can't seem to find a good answer to exactly what to look for regarding whitetail feeding areas in areas without agriculture or man made food plots specific to Michigan. During my...
  4. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Im running 2 dipsys on each side and 1 planner board on each side. Just started big lake fishing not to long ago. I feel as though i have the right equipment but no luck other than a tangled mess. Any help would be apprecited guys! FYI- not looking to steal your fish just looking for friendly...
  5. Tackle Talk
    Hello, I have only fished for crappie and bass in inland rivers and lakes before and I want to get into steelhead fishing off the pier at St. Joe's michigan. What setups do people use and what should I get in order to catch them. I've heard of people using pyramid sinkers at the terminal end if...
  6. Identification Help Photos
    I found these smaller mushrooms in my woods growing next to a burnt stump, they had an orange/brown color to them, anyone have any idea what they're called, or if they're edible?
  7. Identification Help Photos
    I found two pretty big (6 inches across) mushrooms near my swamp on forest floor, any idea what they're called, or if they might be edible?
  8. IceFishingMichigan.com
    With the warmer temps putting water on the ice, I was wondering what everyone uses to waterproof their shanty . Im looking at the KIWI heavy duty camp dry spray. Has anyone used this before for their shanty. Or does anyone use anything else? Thanks
  9. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    This thread is intended for those who are new to trout fishing and need help with identifying fish. I think that most, if not many who read these forums are able to identify the trout that they catch. But, there are some who may be new to trout fishing and don’t have a mentor with them...
  10. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Looking for summer steelhead I'm trying to go tomorrow but don't really know where to go river or peir. Only thing I heard was saint joes Berlin springs dam or manistee dam any help i appreciate it thank you
  11. Crayfish Trapping
    Hey guys, I'm a looking to get into crayfish/crawfish trapping. I've caught them by hand before, while camping with my family, and enjoyed the taste of em. I've had a hard time finding places (in the Holland area) that sell local crawfish, so I could make some more. I've looked into trapping...
  12. North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Moved up to Oscoda area. I know this river can be good to you for steel if you know what you are doing. Trying to get to know the river and learn the ropes. Anyone willing to meet up and help a fellow fisherman out? It would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines!
  13. Boating and Boat Rigging
    So I recently picked up a 1970s or so 7.5hp sears ted Williams Tecumseh boat motor. Starts up fine, idles fine, switches into gear fine, but when I have it in gear if I put it past about 50% throttle it sometimes make a popping noise, but ultimately stalls out. Then it'll start back up and same...
  14. Crayfish Trapping
    Made both the hardware cloth type with double cone entry and some pillow traps. Lately only been using the pillow traps laying them flat in my spots with chicken clipped in near the back to middle of the trap. Haven't caught a thing. weeks prior I used the cylinder type ones with hot dog and...
1-14 of 14 Results