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  1. Fishing Stuff
    Looking to connect to my Ulterra. I do not need a transducer. Compatible units I'm looking for are: Helix 7 Mega SI or DI GPS G3(N), Helix 8 Mega SI or DI GPS G3N, or Helix 9 Mega SI or DI GPS G2N or G3N
  2. Fishing Stuff
    Looking to buy Helix for use with Terrova Link Mega/MDI. Do not need transducer. I am not picky about about the size, but must be compatible with Link and have GPS Link compatible units: 7 = G3N 8 = G3N 9 and up = G2N or G3N Thank you very much. Mike
  3. GPS, GeoCaching, Outdoor Communications, Electroni
    Can anyone tell me if Co-Pilot or I-Pilot is available for my 2017 Powerdrive? After I bought it and installed it, I was told "they're working on it". What is the least expensive Humminbird unit that will work with it? Helix 7 G2N? Thanks
  4. Strickland Helix

    Single bevel broadhead
1-4 of 4 Results