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  1. Basic Varmint Hunting Techniques
    Looking for recommendations for an air rifle .177 pellet gun to get rid of rats and any other varmints that are getting into my garden. I'd rather get something that was worth having long term than just buying a cheapo gun. Can anyone offer any recommendations? I'd prefer a domestic made or...
  2. Hunting Stuff
    Browning 20ga Invector Plus Choke Tubes. 1. Plus Full Choke 2. Plus Modified Can shoot steel and lead through them...mod has never been used....full has been used one time and is still like new....asking 40 for both...call or text [email protected] 822 8083
  3. Firearms
    Recently purchased a new Stoeger M3000 and out of the box it repeatedly patterns low and to the left (about 4 inches low and 3 left at 20 yards). I put around 50 shells and patterned at 15 20 and 30 yards with various bird shot sizes and type with the modified choke that came with the firearm...
  4. General Michigan Hunting
    Only 4 and 1/2 more months until bow season starts up again, and I am looking to lease some new hunting property (bow and gun season). Does anybody have any property available for lease, or know of someone who they can put me in contact with? Located in S.E. Michigan (Jackson County), but would...
  5. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    I am in search of a hunting lease (white-tail) any where between Jackson County, Hillsdale County, Lenawee County, or Washtenaw County. I am open to any size leases, please let me know what you might have to offer. Thank you! -Rob
  6. Rifles
    Many, Many Moons ago I purchased a Remington Model 742 BDL with a Scope, Sling and a high quality Leather case to carry it in. Well, recently the zipper broke and I want to get it repaired. I could replace it but the nostalgic value tells me to get it repaired. The problem is finding someone...
  7. General Michigan Hunting
    Hi everyone, Feel free to answer only part/one of my questions. I know it's a lot. Much respect to all of you. I am looking to begin hunting at the age of 30. I have always been someone with a lot of concern for animal welfare, and I have reached a point in my life where, despite my health...
  8. Firearms
    I am wondering where a good spot in Huron National Forest would be to do target shooting. I'm looking for a secluded area(not a firing range) with natural backstops (hills ridges ect) where I can set up shooting drills. I've never been to the national forest but it look like for google maps that...
  9. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    My buddy and his dad made this video at the end of last season. It is a tradition for them to always sit the last few days of the late season and stack up a couple does for the freezer. The shotgun work is amazing, I've never seen deer react after impact like these guys get in their video! The...
  10. Gun safe lighting before and after

    Gun Safe Lighting kit from litetechauto.com http://www.litetechauto.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=28
  11. Gun safe lighting before and after

    Gun Safe lighting kit from litetechauto.com http://www.litetechauto.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=28
  12. Hunting Articles
    This picture is looking North from the middle of the 150 yard, long narrow plot. I rarely hunt over a food plot, but this is a good one, and in the most true sense of the term, is an actual "hunting plot". On the north end there is a stand in an oak tree. A doe family group beds in the golden...
  13. gun buck

  14. Browning BAR 30-06 / Leupold II

    This is a Browning BAR model 30-06/ SAFARI, no sights, topped with a Leupold, Vari X II scope. Beautiful gun. Gun has been shot a dozen shots to sight in scope. Shoots like a .22. It was purchased a few years back to antelope hunt and hunt fell thru. Guns for sale.
  15. Lure Sporting Collectibles Show

    Lure Show Oct 6th Call For info Dean Sova (313)299-9533
  16. First ice

    Areas of concentration
  17. Gun Lake

    Gun Lake
  18. Winchester 94s

    Winchester 94's 30-30
  19. Gun Lake Torpedo

    This is my largest 'eye of Gun Lake so far caught on early morning of 08/06/04. 29-1/2", 14-3/4" girth This was one of three nice eyes we caught along with a 34" northern & several nice largemouths. This 'eye took 3rd place in the 2004 D&R Sports big fish contest - walleye div
  20. Jeff's 6 pt. buck

    Jeff's 6 point taken from his tree stand on state land.
1-20 of 22 Results