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  1. Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training
    I am fostering a Three-year-old GSP who is in need of a forever home. I rescued him from going to the pound. HIs original owner has spent lots of money in getting him trained for hunting and all that Toby (the gsp) wants to do, is just that, hunt. I am not looking for any money just a great home...
  2. Hunting Dogs
    A couple of years later and this stuff is still in my garage... $400!!!!! I have 3 Innotek (RL-10) Remote Bird launchers, 1 auto backer, and 1 programmable remote control for sale. There is only one remote so all of this stuff must go together. Or, if you already have an Innotek remote I would...
  3. goose retrieve gsp

    sassy retrieving goose gsp
  4. gsp puppies

    um, sorry. didnt mean for that to happen. lol
  5. silly dog

    girl posing for the camera
  6. Coco and I

    This is Coco's first hunt.
  7. Bernice on point with a grouse

    Bernice my shorthair on point with a grouse, first bird I shot over her, and I missed the second one after the picture was taken.
1-8 of 8 Results