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  1. 6 new GHG Elite FFD flocked fullbody goose decoys

    6 new GHG Elite FFD flocked fullbody decoys. Comes with Realmotion stakes and Realmotion stands. $175 Shipping extra. I will meet you at a reasonble distance.
  2. middle_zone_duck_opener_2

    2010 Middle Zone Duck Opener - 2 man bag
  3. geese

    Sunday morning harvest
  4. West Michigan Delta Waterfowl 2010 Event Flyer

    This is the flyer for the 2010 Event for the West Michigan Chapter of Delta Waterfowl!
  5. golf or goose hunting?

    golf or goose hunting?
  6. 11/24/07

    5 man goose limit by 10am. Plus 2 mallards.
  7. 2 man limit

    It was a really good morning for us. We had our 4 birds by 8:40, all of which were shot with landing gear down.
  8. goose retrieve gsp

    sassy retrieving goose gsp
  9. collar goose

    jan 1 2005 collared goose.
  10. Ice Blue Spey

    A slight variation of a pattern I found on the net. Pattern and colors seem like they can sure tempt the fishees.
  11. Zone 2 Opener

    Goose taken opening weekend of the zone 2 season.
21-40 of 210 Results