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  1. MichiganTurkey.com
    As I sit at my desk day dreaming about turkey hunting and being outside rather than inside. I finished editing my turkey video from last season rather than do what they actually pay me to do....don't tell my boss.
  2. 09' gobbler

    25 lbs 10" beard 1" spurrs
  3. 09' gobbler

    25 lbs 10" beard 1" spurrs
  4. 2004 Spring Turkey

    Called this big boy in with a custom maid wingbone call I maid from the gobbler I shot the year before. This one walked up struttin in front of a creek when I shot it blew him into the creek and I spent an hour drying him off for a desent picture of his beutiful tail feathers!!
  5. Michigan Gobbler 05

    Took this nice Gobbler on May 2nd at 7am. Came into a A-way fatal attraction. Spittin and a Drummin. 21 pounds 10 3/4 inch beard 3/4 spurs
  6. Iowa Gobbler 05

    23 pounds 10 1/2 inch beard 1 1/4 spurs
1-7 of 7 Results