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  1. Hunting Dogs
    REPEAT BREEDING CPR RiversWild Retrievers Scootin Smasher "Tarra" X 4XGMPR Pasman's Ace in The Hole JH.(Fox Red) Litter. This breeding will take place July 21. This will be and all Yellow.(Fox Red) Litter. Puppies expected September 18, 2020 Tarra is a daughter from GRHRCH 4XGMPR HRK ROOSTER...
  2. Hunting Dogs
    If you are looking for a talented hunting dog or just a truck companion than this is the litter for you. Born:12/20/18 THIS LITTER HAS BEEN SOLD OUT. Price: $1600.......3 FOX RED FEMALES STILL AVAILABLE Sire: 4xGMPR Pasman's Ace In The Hole JH Dam: RiversWild Retrievers Scootin' Smasher...
1-2 of 2 Results