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  1. Whitetail Deer Management
    I belong to a club that occasionally does forestry as part of their long-term planning which includes (or is supposed to include) managing the deer habitat for hunters. My folks were members before I ever became one and I swear I can recall hearing talk as a kid that in some cases, they would...
  2. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    I hunt on a camp that is roughly 2,000 acres in NE Michigan. The area I hunt is around 140-160 acres. I have established food sources and access; however, after 5 years in the spot I’ve gathered that deer are bedding a considerable distance away. I have around 15-20 acres of cedar thicket (white...
  3. Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement
    Hi Everyone, We're proud to be new Michigan Sportsman Forum sponsors and I'd like to introduce you to our American made, patented, LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool. A tool that replaces multiple hand tools, and provides everything you need to fully process a downed tree from its roots to leaves...
1-3 of 3 Results