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  1. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Hi everyone! I am heading up to Fletcher's next weekend (18-21) with some guys for our annual ice trip. A few years ago we went on a trip and caught little fish but had fun, and decided to make it annual. Last year we went to Hamlin Lake. Once again, very little fish, but lots of fun. I'm sure...
  2. Fishing at Fltechers

    These were like this all day.....
  3. My 9 yr old son 19.5 inch bass caught

    He caught his first and it weighed 3lbs 12 oz. He was a very happy boy to have beaten mom to the first fish.
  4. my largest croppie

    2 croppies caught on Fletchers Pond off the dam. I had to take part of another view of it to add the full bottom of the smaller fish.
  5. Frankie's first pike!

    Caught 37 in one day!! Fletchers pond!!
  6. Fletcher's Pond Pike!

    Frankie and Dad enjoying fletchers pond! 32 inch 6lbs 12 oz
1-7 of 7 Results