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  1. Ray,s first River fish.

    Ray,s first River fish.

    Last year was my first year to fish for Steelhead. What a time. I am Hooked.
  2. Nothing but Land and Water

    Nothing but Land and Water

    Flying over a lake in Northern Ontario. Looks peaceful doesen't it?
  3. Muskie Revival

    Muskie Revival

  4. 3 cottages

    3 cottages

    same hole.. different day
  5. Walleye-- woodburning

    Walleye-- woodburning

    This one's for Jim's cabin @ Brevort Lk
  6. Lake Erie Smallie

    Lake Erie Smallie

    GoneFishin with a Lake Erie Smallie.
  7. Saginaw Bay Walleye

    Saginaw Bay Walleye

    GoneFishin with a Saginaw Bay Walleye.
  8. Ponemah Bass

    Ponemah Bass

    GoneFishin with a nice 5 lb bass caught in September from Lake Ponemah, Genesee Co.
  9. Ron with 8 pounder

    Ron with 8 pounder

    Heres my buddy Ron with a nice fish we got jigging by GLS.
  10. lots of little perch

    lots of little perch

    Me and the kids out in bass lake having fun with the little ones